About Nedreberg

NedrebergtunetNedreberg is situated about 3 km west from the centre of Stryn on the north of the Nordfjord. Stryn and Nordfjord are among the most popular destinations in Norway. From Nedreberg you have access to visit the mountains, the glaciers and the fjords in the district near by. All of this invites you to unforgettable experiences. The view from Nedrebergtunet is fantastic, showing the mountains and the fjord.

The houses on the farm are dated back to the 17th and 18th century. Now restored and modernized to meet the demands of peoples interested in culture and authentic atmosphere of the 1800th century combined with modern life. For this work we got a price of environment in 2000.

The farm has belonged to the family since 1400, and the farm museum shows how daily life on a typical Western Norwegian farm was in the 1800 century.

Upon request we prepare traditional food and arrange baking and brewing courses based upon old traditional recipes. Nedrebergtunet is the perfect place for parties and celebrations, and for small conferences and courses, too.  Since we now have restored the old school house suitable for that kind of use.

In the surrounding mountains there are good roads for walking or skiing depending on when you are here. You are also welcome to visit our old summer farm which is a popular place for rest up in the mountains.

In the winter there are ski tracks passing by and in the summer you can drive about 10 minutes from the Nedreberg farm and then walk 30 minutes up the hills to the farm

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